National Geographic Photo Of The Day x Return To Nature


Photograph by: Jeffrey Gusky --"During World War I, the deadlock of trench warfare led both the French and German sides to tunnel beneath enemy positions. Here, the scars of artillery barrages still pockmark the ruins of a fort at Chemin des Dames, France, where some 30,000 French troops died during ten days in April 1917. Underground, French and German … [Read more...]

Networth of Households Now Are A Third Less!


In the last few years,  economic circumstances have been highly skewed against the typical American household. According to New York Times, the typical household worth in 2003 was roughly $88,000, while in 2013 the average household stooped to $56,000! This study was conducted by the Russell Sage Foundation in which this foundation concluded that the only … [Read more...]

Chance the Rapper Feat. Wycelf Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jessie Ware, Elle Varner x Wonderful Everyday


Check out this soulful twist of PBS' classic theme, Arthur! Featuring some pretty heavy hitters, it was hard for us to pass this song by. Likewise, check it out for yourself, it definitely brings back some nostalgic memories. … [Read more...]

A “Perfect Diet” That Works For Everyone, Does It Exist?!


There is actually no such thing as a diet that works perfectly for everyone. Just the smallest of differences in genetics in two peoples bodies could call for completely different diets. The culture and environment, and even someone’s body type could be the reason for a very specific diet that may only work for that respective person. There is no easy way to … [Read more...]

When “Embracing Debate” Goes Wrong!!


The past two weeks there has been a lot of debate over the two game suspension given to Baltimore Ravens running back for the assault charges brought unto him for attacking his wife. This debate naturally made it’s way to ESPN’s popular show “First Take” and instead of focusing on Ray Rice’s suspension and whether or not it was justified; Stephen A. Smith … [Read more...]

A Brief History Of The Gaza Conflict!


Israel-Gaza Conflict Two weeks ago, the killing of 4 young boys on a Gaza beach caught international attention.   The boys were playing, as they had done  times before, when an Israeli rocket landed on the Mediterranean shore. This incident is one of many that illustrate the disproportionate and growing civilian death toll on the Gaza Strip. Presently, … [Read more...]

CHANEL CC Logos Sunglasses x Italy Vintage


Shop the vintage CHANEL CC Logo Sunglasses here. … [Read more...]

BAPE ‘ABC Camo’ Canvas Ape Sta Hi


As apart of BAPE's Summer 2014 collection, a must have in your collection of sneakers is the 'ABC Camo' Canvas Ape Sta Hi. See if you can find yourself a pair here! … [Read more...]


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