Goliath Grouper Devours Black Tip Shark With Ease!


We know you've heard the saying " Big bank take little bank", well in the animal kingdom the same theory can be applied. Survival of the fittest is an ongoing process and though many people feel some animals are notorious predators, the video below proves that even the "hunters" can be "hunted". In this clip, you'll see a few fishermen off the coast of … [Read more...]

Statik Selektah Feat. Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs x Carry On


Bostonian DJ, Statik Selektah,  is known for his dope productions in which he encompasses classic east-coast-type-beats that traditionally have helped birthed hip-hop to what it is today. Featuring Gary, Indiana's Freddie Gibbs and one of Brooklyn's youngest prodigy's, Joey Bada$$, this dope trio unsurprisingly made a masterpiece entitled 'Carry On'. A … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh Steelers RB’s Charged for Possession of Marijuana


Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell & LeGarrette Blount are being charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop yesterday. Bell was driving the car when police officers found a 20-gram bag of marijuana inside the car. Bell, Blount and model Mercedes Dollson (female passenger) all claimed ownership of the marijuana according to … [Read more...]

NIU’s New Court Is Cold!!


Northern Illinois unveiled its new basketball court late Tuesday Night. This is the first time NIU has changed its court since the opening of the NIU Convocation Center in 2002. Although this court doesn’t have any LED lights under the hardwood like the "House of Mamba", we still think this court is pretty cold, especially for a Division 1-A school that … [Read more...]

Contemporary Art x Vera Lutter at Max Hetzler


Contemporary Artist: Vera Lutter Venue: Max Hetzler, Berlin Contemporary artist Vera Lutter uses an ancient technique called camera obscura in which pictures appear as silhouettes. This technique is said to date back to the 5th century B.C. first used by Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti. Using camera obscura, pictures appear in an upside-down inverted manner. … [Read more...]

Worlds Oldest Living Man, 111 Years of Age!


Two days ago the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that Sakari Momoi became the oldest living man in the world at the age of 111 years & 197 days. Believe it or not, Momoi was actually catching up to Alexander Imich, who passed away this year in June at 111 years, 164 days. Sakari Momoi is a retired Japanese Teacher who was born on Feb 3rd, 1903 … [Read more...]

Bill Gates Converses With ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Katie Brown


Known for being  the world's wealthiest man, Bill Gates should equally be known for his philanthropic work in national and international societies. In recent new, the Microsoft mogul had a chance to catch up with Washington State's Teacher of The Year Katie Brown. When Katie Brown initially started her job as teacher at Shuksan Middle School, the … [Read more...]

Nicki Minaj x Anaconda [Official Video]

nicki minaj anaconda video

Welp, by popular demand Nicki Minaj dropped her "Anaconda" video last night. In less than one day, not only did the social media world explode to voice their opinion about the Young Money pop star, but they clearly attributed to the 14.5 Million views now present on her video via VEVO! While we aren't complaining about the video, we definitely can understand … [Read more...]


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