Florida City Bans & Fines Sagging Pants!


In most parts of Ocala, Florida, it is now illegal by punishment for people to sag their pants below their waist. ABOUT DAMN TIME! While some people may argue that this is " another way for cops to search and arrest minorities". We refuse to agree with these notions. The sagging of one's pants might be the most ignorant nonverbal statement one can make of … [Read more...]

Top High School Recruit Spurns NCAA for China


Emmanuel Mudiay, one of the nations top prep recruits and the touted savior of SMU basketball, has turned down countless offers from top collegiate programs in search of greener pastures. This decision led Mudiay to sign a deal worth approximately $1.2 million with GuangDong a Chinese professional team. Mudiay is a 6'5 190lb point guard born in the … [Read more...]

Patta Summer 2014 #SSS Womens Editorial


Dutch brand Patta presents a women's-only editorial for their Summer 2014 collection.  … [Read more...]

Florida Father Fights His Son’s Molester!!


A father in Daytona Beach, Florida came home early Friday morning to report that he found a man sexually abusing his 11-year-old son. After seeing this, the father then proceeded to beat the culprit unconscious as he waited for the police to apprehend the suspect. Given that the father witnessed a crime happening in his own home, he will not be facing any … [Read more...]

NFL Training Camp is Finally Underway!!


Summertime is officially over for the NFL & the season is about to be underway. The Buffalo Bills were the first NFL team to report to training camp last night in Pittsford, NY. Buffalo Fans are hoping for a big second year leap from E.J. Manuel at quarterback & an instant impact from 1st round pick Receiver Sammy Watkins. Along with the already … [Read more...]

CARDIO!!…..More Than Just An Option!!


One thing that catches my eyes most, when I'm in the gym, is the fact that most people focus on getting stronger or bigger yet forget one key aspect that should be done every single day (or at least close to everyday). What is it that they are forgetting? They are forgetting, “Cardio!” Cardio benefits more than just "staying in shape" or losing weight, it … [Read more...]

NYPD Officer Has Gun And Badge Stripped Away Pending Criminal Charges For Choking Man


The New York Police Department has recently stripped 8 year veteran, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, of his gun and badge due to the recent death of Eric Garner. The 350lb man was said to have died from a heart attack, according to local doctors. According to multiple reports, the chokehold Pantaleo placed on Eric Garner was an improper use of force and … [Read more...]

Kanye West x ‘GQ’ August 2014


Kanye West lands the cover GQ's August edition, accompanying an exclusive interview and photo shoot. Read the full interview here, as Kanye explains his struggle with entering the fashion industry, his recent marriage with Kim Kardashian, and proving why he's a creative genius and much more! … [Read more...]


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