Just Wait On It: Here’s Why You Should Care About The Next Phase of Comic Book Movies


Ever since it's inception spanning nearly a hundred years ago, the American entertainment industry has always been a true focal point of wonder, and amazement engrained into our culture. It births stars across various platforms, transports us to different worlds, and fills epic stadiums to packed capacities. Yet, if we focus on specific segments of the … [Read more...]

Is Jerry Jones Coach Number 2 For The Cowboys ?!


The cowboys drop to 6-2 after losing 17-20 (in overtime) to the Washington Redskins on Monday night. The fans in Dallas wonder if this is another trip down the injured "Romo Road". In the past, the Cowboys’ quarterback has been perfect in finding a way to flush all hopes of another championship banner being placed in "Jerryland". Romo’s play and injuries … [Read more...]

Future x Monster [Full Mixtape]


In a year where people are calling 2014 the "worst year in hip-hop", Nayvadius Cash, also known as Future, holds enough weight to mute a lot of skeptics. If you want to talk about artists most consistent in the rap game, Future has to be in the top 5. We first heard the Atlanta native after listening to Tha Joker x Blow It All in which we became a fan of the … [Read more...]

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen x Fall/Winter 2014 Collection


Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen introduces their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, available now via the brand's website. … [Read more...]

Allique x ‘Shade Fume Green’ Women’s Chelsea Boots


Available in women's, shop Allique's 'Shade Fume Green' chelsea boots here. … [Read more...]

Baauer Feat. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd x “One Touch”


Baauer‘s known for his booming, trap-oriented, and at times chaotic sound; all of which have brought him a tremendous amount of success in a considerably short period of time. But with his latest cut, featuring the vocals of Aluna Francis, Baauer elects for a relatively dialed-down approach. “One Touch” still possesses that big-scale dance music profile, … [Read more...]

Fergie Feat. YG x “L.A. Love” (Remix)


Yeah I like Fergie, so what? Returning from a long absence, the former (and only) Black Eyed Peas standout is making her comeback with the assistance of one breakout Compton rapper in YG. DJ mustard continues to make a mint off of just slightly altering the same resoundingly West Coast beat he’s seemingly made 100 times over, yet “L.A. Love” still bangs in … [Read more...]

House in East Hampton x Maziar Behrooz Architecture


Designed by Maziar Behrooz Architecture, the Arc House is a single family home located in East Hampton, New York. Browse through the gallery below and visit the designer's website for more information. … [Read more...]


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