Product of Society (P.O.S):  is the ultimate informative source that displays an array of topics primarily to keep  like minded individuals up to par with current events and topics in hopes of bettering oneself .

In present day America, many  factors such as race, age, and gender have inevitably left many people out of work, school, and even from their families. As young males, I have viewed these disparities can be decreased when one is culturally aware of what’s going on in his/her society. Why? Because each and every human being on this planet is a product of society. The music you listen to, the stylish clothes you long for, that million dollar house you want to buy are all notions that stem from being a “product of your society”. And like you, we (the creators of P.O.S.)  are no different. This site in fact, was made to help any and everyone reach their aspirations by knowing what is happening in society. When one knows what’s going on around them it become’s easier to excel out of this “system”.

 Due to the current education system, our youth have been program to believe that in order to truly obtain success, one must solely meet the requirements of the academia environment provided by colleges and universities.  Depending on how well one performs via years of schooling,  in their  structure, one can potentially create opportunities for himself, however, only to find themselves quickly employed by someone else. Ultimately, this not only attempts to turn the youth into spectating robots, but it suppresses the youth’s creativity to place them in a never-ending cycle of low wages and many loans .  You see, whether or not one chooses to abide by the educational system, it’s this system that has the potential to control your outcome and our future’s youth outcome in life. Here at Product of Society, we believe that the educational system should be implemented to help our youth reach their goals in the respective careers they wish to proceed . Product of Society is the ultimate informative source that promotes individuality, diversity, and entrepreneurship. We believe that  achieving in the education system might not be your forte, however, you should use it as a “fall back” until you have a stable way out of this “system” to provide for yourself comfortably. Product of Society encourages thinking from an employer’s perspective. We don’t intend on working under anyone, but rather for! For society, for our friends, for our family.  We control our own destiny! As an online blog , P.O.S. offers superb entertainment and a one-stop chapel for the youth. We cover subjects such as the latest news, sports, music, fashion, art, technology, books, lifestyle aesthetics, and college life. Whether your seeking for advice or simply staying up to date with current trends, P.O.S. is tailored to the youth’s interest and needs, but more so, tailored for anyone who too, is tired of the bullsh*t of seeing how society treats the non-wealthy.


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