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Meet CEO & Founder of Popular Mobile App: Elepago !

This week Product of Society has the great opportunity of introducing a scrupulous entrepreneur Fede Torre. Fede, who graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is CEO & founder of […]

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Meet Brandon Drenon, New York’s Next Major Fitness Trainer

Brandon Drenon is a male model & fitness trainer who is quickly having a huge impact in America’s largest city; ┬áNew York, New York. The Houston native, and University of Texas alumnus is the creator […]

25 Year Old NFL Agent Begins Career ‘Ahead’ of the Game!

Loyola Chicago Law student, Joseph Clayborne, has had what every NFL agent seeks within the start up of opening their own sports agency. The Illinois native, and Hampton University Alum currently has signed an undoubtedly […]

As stated in our “About Us” section, P.O.S. fully supports upcoming entrepreneurship and individualism. As a result of these notions, Product of Society has decided to track the achievements of young entrepreneurs, male & female, […]