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Lucia Cano and Jose Selgas Present the “Second Home Pavilion” [Los Angeles, CA]

Spanish architects and couple Lucia Cano & Jose Selgas of SelgasCano firm are the creative geniuses behind assembling The Second Home Pavillion. The original pavilion was structured in London in 2015. However, thanks to a collaboration […]

Man Takes Two Years To Build World’s Largest K’nex Machine

“This machine currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest K’nex ball machine. It contains over 126,000 pieces, 10 lifts, 14 motors, and over 1000 feet of track. It features a 40 foot long […]

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Amos Rex Underground Contemporary Art museum [Helsinki, Finland]

Amazing shots taken by photographers Mika Huisman &Tuomas Uusheimo. For more photos and information on the Amos Rex Contemporary museum, check out more about the $58M renovation at Lasipalatsi Square here!

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Ah Asociados x San Juan De Dios Hospital [Pamplona, Spain]

Checkout out one of the latest architectural projects out of Pamplona, Spain. The magnificent structures are a redesign facilitated by Ah Asociados Architecture firm. The original structure was created by Victor Esau from 1935-1943. Check […]

Asif Khan Creates World’s Darkest Building Using Vantablack!

A few years ago we posted an article entitled Darkest Material On Earth Repels Water Molecules. In this post we embedded a video that shows just how dark the Vantablack material is. Vantablack is a hydrophobic […]

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PietriArchitectes Presents: La Barquière & MaisonA

la Barquière maison a Graphic conception – Eun Kim Communication assistant – Lara Eid Photo credits – Mathieu Ducros, Nicolas Vaccaro For more information about press releases from architecture firm PietriArchitectes click here!

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Dr. Dre To Donate $10 Million To Compton High School Performing Arts Center

It hasn’t even been 50 years since hip-hop was first birthed, yet some of the most successful artists have accumulated quite a bit of wealth and are showing growing signs of philanthropy to help the […]