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12yr. Old Boy & 14yr. Old Girl Get Into Shootout With Police [Volusia County, Florida]

“Deputies in central Florida have released new body-camera video of a  shootout involving two young children. Authorities say a 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl broke into a home, stole weapons, and came out firing when […]

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Coinbase IPO is a huge development for Bitcoin, here’s why…

In the past year alone, we have experienced a pandemic, countless Zoom calls,  Fraud schemes, and plenty of stimulus checks. All throughout this time the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has been recklessly printing money so […]

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Minneapolis City Council backtracks on “defund the police” Policy by giving them more money

On Friday of last week, the Minneapolis city council voted to approve an additional $6.4 million in funding for the Minneapolis Police Department. Per, reports of increased violent crime in conjunction with slower response times […]

President Biden Signs 30 Executive Orders Within Three Days

Newly elected president Joe Biden wasted no time reversing many federal Executive Orders ,many of which were previously signed under Trump, during his first week in office. The majority of Biden’s Executive Orders placed a […]

FBI Investigating Nashville Explosion

Yesterday on Christmas morning Nashville, Tennessee made national news after confirming a series of explosives detonated around 6:30AM. Today, federal experts share some of the possible motives of this attack and how they will move […]

Republicans Block Attempt To Pass $2,000 Stimulus Check

A few days ago Congress finally agreed to a new $900B stimulus bill to serve as relief for American citizens and their businesses. The new stimulus bill stated that American citizens would receive a direct […]