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The Magic in ‘Dollar Store’ Business Models

We recently highlighted¬†Dollar Tree’s major acquisition of Family Dollar,¬†in an attempt to gain greater market share away from industry giant Wal-Mart. However, there is a savvy lesson to be taken away from the Dollar Store […]

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How Many Square Feet Can $1 Million Buy You Per U.S. City?

Many people are somewhat familiar with the various housing prices major cities have historically cost buyers in the United States. In recent history, however, the housing crises have left home consumers in a state of […]

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16 Year Old On Vine Makes $2k Per Sponsored Ad!

16 year old, Lauren Giraldo, has become so popular on the social network Vine, that according to Business Insider, the teen makes roughly $2,000 per sponsored advertisement. Giraldo who has 2.4 million followers, simply has […]