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House Committee Passes Historic Bill Legalizing Marijuana On Federal Level

  In recent news the House Committee voted unanimously (24 to 10) that a historical bill legalizing marijuana can be drafted to vote on. Though many believe this bill will pass amongst Congress  (where Democrats […]

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The U.S. House Federally Approves Medical Cannabis

Surprise, surprise. The U.S. House has finally passed a bill that would end DEA raids on legal medical marijuana operations. This is probably due to the conflicting state laws versus federal laws that are now […]

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Oops, Representative Vance McAllister Caught Kissing Mistress On Cam!

Louisiana State Representative , Vance McAllister (R), is in hot water today for being on camera tonguing down a reported staffer. The husband and father of five children ironically lead his campaign on the terms of […]

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Congress Asks President To Remove Marijuana As Class 1 Drug!

In recent news, President Obama’s interview with David Remnick has helped facilitate a wave of “hands-on” policies to decriminalize laws pertaining to marijuana. In fact, members of Congress have started a petition in hopes of getting the Attorney General, General Holder, to delist marijuana […]