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Meet Mahdiyyah Muhammad: Founder & CEO of Latest Ravishing Fashion Line

When viewing some of the most powerful fashion moguls of our time,  Amancio Ortega, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, and Daymond John might come to mind. Each aforementioned CEO was both successful in the realm of […]

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Lil Wayne x Vizine (Prod. x Monsta Beatz)+[Full RGB2 Album]

Like we said back on the Dedication 6 article, Wayne hasn’t lost it. “Vizine” is looking like an independent track made for Waynes  collab on  project  RGB2 by Ethika (see below for full album).  

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ComplexCon x 2017 [ Day 2 Recap]

              Founded in 2002, Complex is a New York based company that focuses on cultural trends, fashion, music, sports and pop culture. Since it’s inception, founder Marc Ecko and the Complex […]