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Disrespectful: Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Has Sniper Range!

It’s been a rough year for the Detroit Pistons, and unfortunately Paul George only made matters worst for the Pistons last night. Check out this video below of Paul George casually shooting a 3 pointer […]

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‘Titanfall’ To Be Released For Xbox One At Midnight!

Sorry PS4 fans, the revolutionary digital game, Titanfall, will be released tonight solely for Xbox One users.¬† Forget the hassle of waiting in long lines! After purchased, Titanfall will download automatically for Xbox One users. […]

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Flappy Bird (GAME OVER)

The recently popularized game Flappy Bird is no longer on the market for app downloads. The creator, Mr. Nguyen, has claimed that the app has caused an¬†unnecessary increase in attention. Despite it’s reports of generating […]