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John Singleton, Dead at 51

Critically acclaimed film director John Singleton, has died at the young age of 51. After suffering a stroke on April 17th, Singleton was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Cedars Sinai hospital. After 12 […]

Black Panther [Official Teaser]

Originally introduced by  Stan Lee and co-writer Jack Kirby, Black Panther was one of the first African-American heroes to star in a mainstream American comic book (Fantastic Four 1966). This year Marvel has chosen to bring the […]

Jacob T. Swinney Presents: “100 Years/100 Shots”

Baltimore filmmaker and editor Jacob T. Swinney recently made a movie compilation which depicted 100 years of some of cinema’s best creations. Though subjective, Swinney’s choices for this project were pretty intact with some our […]

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‘Peanuts’ 3-D Movie is Here!

Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox have linked up to create a 3-D Movie for one of television’s greatest classics; Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. The original cast, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, have been slightly modified to […]