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ARCS Currently Building The World’s Largest 3D Printed House!

A few years back we started discussing the revolutionary idea of 3D Printing, years later the industry is continuing to break down barriers. Featured in the video above is the latest milestone displaying SQ4D’s ARCS 3D […]

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Amazon Plans to Roll Out 3,000 Cashier-less “GO” Stores

A few months back we brought you the news that Amazon opened up it’s first  artificially intelligent designed retail grocery store Amazon Go. The store was first tested by Seattle natives, however, due to recent news more […]

Dog Inspired Robot Can Open Doors

Boston Dynamics has released a video of  SpotMini: a dog-like robot that can open doors based on a software that provides: “..locomotion, balance, and adjusts [SpotMini’s] behavior when progress gets off track,…the ability to tolerate […]

Holograms Will Become The New Norm In Advertising

Though the true definition of a Hologram requires it to be a 3-D hollow image of   light, tech companies are becoming increasingly creative in which they will soon begin releasing holographic technology that facilitates as […]