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President Obama Becomes First U.S. President To Visit Federal Prison

A couple weeks ago President Obama visited El Reno Federal Correctional Institution (a prison outside of Oklahoma City). In doing so, Obama became the first U.S. President to visit a prison while serving in office. […]

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President Approves 200 More U.S. Troops in Iraq!

A total of 775 troops have now been deployed to Iraq since the President’s initial statement of “No American Boots Will Be on Iraqi Soil”. At this point we don’t really understand what motives the […]

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The Only American POW is Released In Exchange For 5 Taliban Detainees

Yesterday the White House released some great news for our country and  the U.S. military. This is because Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (28) was confirmed to have been released in a trade of five Taliban detainees […]

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Congress Asks President To Remove Marijuana As Class 1 Drug!

In recent news, President Obama’s interview with David Remnick has helped facilitate a wave of “hands-on” policies to decriminalize laws pertaining to marijuana. In fact, members of Congress have started a petition in hopes of getting the Attorney General, General Holder, to delist marijuana […]