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Tesla Truck Cruising In Los Angeles

Via Artificial Intelligence, MIT Scientist Create a Robot Capable of Playing Jenga

“Using machine-learning and sensory hardware, Alberto Rodriguez, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and members of MIT’s MCube lab have developed a robot that is learning how to play the game Jenga®. The technology could be […]

Dog Inspired Robot Can Open Doors

Boston Dynamics has released a video of  SpotMini: a dog-like robot that can open doors based on a software that provides: “..locomotion, balance, and adjusts [SpotMini’s] behavior when progress gets off track,…the ability to tolerate […]

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Dope Technology: EZ Robot Kits

The evolution of technology is definitely near, check out the excerpt, via Uncrate and video below, of EZ Robot Kits! –“EZ Robot Kits make building, customizing, and programming your own robot accessible to anyone — […]