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Germany Welcomes 8,000 Syrian Refugees

In hopes of dodging repercussions of the Syrian war, many families have traveled for weeks in hopes of being able to successfully migrate to European nations. Since 2011, approximately 4 million┬áSyrians have been forced out […]

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No Way! Killer Robots To Be Debated At United Nations!

At a United Nations meeting in Geneva, two robotics experts, professor Ronald Arkin and professor Noel Sharkey, plan to debate for necessary use of killer robots in our society. According to BBC, this would be […]

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Times Up! Russia Invades Ukraine With 16,000 Troops!

Looks like Vladimir Putin wasn’t bluffing! Despite U.N. sanctions and President Obama’s remarks, the Russian President has currently sent 16,000 troops through the border of Crimea. CNN reports further on this breaking news!