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Self-Driving Taxis Are Now Driving On The Roads In Wuhan (China)

“Chinese carmaker Dongfeng Motor Corporation offered free trial of its self-driving taxi service in central China’s Wuhan. Over 40 autonomous cars, named RoboTaxi, were tested in the city’s business district.”  

ARCS Currently Building The World’s Largest 3D Printed House!

A few years back we started discussing the revolutionary idea of 3D Printing, years later the industry is continuing to break down barriers. Featured in the video above is the latest milestone displaying SQ4D’s ARCS 3D […]

Tesla Truck Cruising In Los Angeles

Tesla Full Self-Driving Automation Has Arrived

 Tesla has recently released a video of their fully self-driving automated model S. Check out this video as the driver never touches the steering wheel. Stephen Hawking’s warned about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and how […]

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FamilyTreeDNA Shares 2 Million Genetic DNA Tests With FBI

One of the scariest things about living in a data driven era is how people use and distribute personal data. In recent years tech data has been the main source of blatant sharing of personal […]