BMW Releases Color Changing Car At CES 2022

“At CES 2022, BMW showed off their new iX electric vehicle with color changing paint. It works with a layer of paint that’s made of e-ink, the same type of display you’d find on a Kindle reader. It works by sending an electric field to activate the white or black pigments at the push of a button. While it looks super cool, you’re probably wondering what’s the purpose of this? Well, BMW says it could be used to change colors during hot summer months, to make it white and reflect the heat. Right now, the car was only changing between white and black, on the body of the car and even the rims. But maybe in the future, we’ll see different colors. While it looks great, we worry about the quality and how durable this type of paint could be. So, what do you think of this technology? Let us know in the comments below.” – Tech We Want