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“Documenting Hate: New American Nazis” | FRONTLINE [Full Documentary]

“In this 2018 documentary, FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate a neo-Nazi group that has actively recruited inside the U.S. military.  FRONTLINE and ProPublica present an investigation into white supremacist groups in America – in particular, the […]

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$48 Million To Be Spent On Michigan High School To “Prevent” Future Mass Shooter

While there have been many topics of discussion to prevent future mass shootings in America (especially those amongst educational premises), Fruitpoint High School (Fruitport, Michigan) looks to be a prototype for what may come from future school […]

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The List of Murdered Activists In Ferguson Keeps Growing..

By Elliot F. Somebody is murdering activists in Ferguson, MO. These are the facts surrounding the situation. BACKGROUND On Saturday August 9, 2014 around noon, Darren Wilson, a 28 year old white police officer of […]

Why Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Needs to Be Charged With Felony Murder!

 Many ill notion humans want to believe Dallas PD’s version that police officer Amber Guyger ” mistakenly went to the wrong apartment”. Or “wait till we hear all of the facts”. The aforementioned quotes are […]