Over 50 Arrested As Protests For Jayland Walker Continue (Akron, OH)

After body cam video and evidence show unarmed Jayland Walker getting shot over 60 times civil unrest began in Akron, Ohio.

The murder occurred over a traffic stop in which officers claim Jayland opened fire and fled the scene (none of which have been confirmed or validated by non-bias sources ). Local cops fittingly claim to have found a gun at the time of his arrest.

Most comments in this youtube video reflect that of FOX News and other bigots. What many of these people are failing to realize is the extreme murder and disdain for life these officers continue to display when dealing with black males. In fact, with more body cameras and more signs of tragic events, one has enough tangible evidence to argue that traffic stops for black males are dealt with more force than those of mass murderers.

It’s a tragedy to see the continued unjust display of public servants taking advantage of local communities. It’s even more frustrating to know these same officers usually get a slap on the wrist due to their protective immunity.