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Ah Asociados x San Juan De Dios Hospital [Pamplona, Spain]

Checkout out one of the latest architectural projects out of Pamplona, Spain. The magnificent structures are a redesign facilitated by Ah Asociados Architecture firm. The original structure was created by Victor Esau from 1935-1943. Check […]

Asif Khan Creates World’s Darkest Building Using Vantablack!

A few years ago we posted an article entitled Darkest Material On Earth Repels Water Molecules. In this post we embedded a video that shows just how dark the Vantablack material is. Vantablack is a hydrophobic […]

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PietriArchitectes Presents: La Barquière & MaisonA

la Barquière maison a Graphic conception – Eun Kim Communication assistant – Lara Eid Photo credits – Mathieu Ducros, Nicolas Vaccaro For more information about press releases from architecture firm PietriArchitectes click here!