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BBC: “How Did a 13 Year Old Become A Murderer?”

From time to time we like to check out international news via BBC.com. To no surprise, the British Broadcasting Corporation tends to highlight negative news happening in the United States. One of the biggest issues […]

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Breaking: Gunmen Attack Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport

According to BBC, armed gunmen have recently attacked Karachi’s Jinnah airport using heavy gun force and many grenades. So far, 5 victims have been reported dead. [BBC Excerpt] –“Pakistani media reported between four and 10 […]

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Sick! 27 Year Old Sudan Woman Sentenced To Death For Marrying Outside of Her Religion

In recent news, a Sudanese court sentenced a woman to hang to death for marrying outside of her  Islamic religion. 27 year old Meriam Yehya Ibrahim has converted to Christianity to marry her Christian husband, […]

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Look Up- An Anti-Social Media Video

Check out this pretty interesting video of 27 year old, Gary Turk, criticizing today’s generation of  being possessed by social media. The video explains how though we (humans) use smart phones, in actuality it is […]