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Crypto.com To Replace Staples Center in Historic Naming Rights Deal!

Crypto.com just made a historic move by agreeing to pay $750M over 20 years for the naming rights to replace Los Angele’s Staple Center. While LA natives and others cringe about the name replacement, the bigger […]

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Coinbase IPO is a huge development for Bitcoin, here’s why…

In the past year alone, we have experienced a pandemic, countless Zoom calls,  Fraud schemes, and plenty of stimulus checks. All throughout this time the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has been recklessly printing money so […]

Bitcoin Crushes Previous All Time High Record, $25,000 Next!

It feels like 2017 all over again. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency which once started under $0.30 back in 2009 has now reached an all time high of $23,000 two days ago. This deflationary asset has […]

Industry Money Continues to Affirm Bitcoin’s Demand In the Future

Since 2015 we’ve been discussing Bitcoin and the revolutionary utilization that this and other cryptocurrencies will have on future generations. After 5 years, the world is starting to acknowledge wide spread adoption of Bitcoin as […]

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Microstrategy Buys $250M Worth of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is time sensitive. Due to the fundamental principles of most cryptocurrencies being deflationary, early investors have leverage and even less risk than investors and later adopters of popular cryptocurrencies. In recent news publicly traded Microstrategy […]

Yale Professor Warns of US Dollar Crashing

With Covid running rampant across the United States uncertainty lies in many industries: education, entertainment, and financial being the largest industries. Yale professor Stephen Roach recently went on Bloomberg Business to express sincere concern of […]