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US State Department Orders Chinese Consulate to Close Immediately!

With tensions already high due to a recent trade war, sanctions, and theories of how Covid-19 has spread, Chinese/US relations have recently taken another blow. Yesterday, the US announced that they would abruptly be closing […]

Chinese Woman Risks Life To Expose Truth About Coronavirus

With global news coming in from many media sources and outlets, covering the Coronavirus its difficult for anyone to actually separate fact and fictional news. At Product of Society we are here to deliver what […]

Hong Kong Police Storm College Campus As Unrest Grows

For months Hong Kong’s citizens have protested the extradition of China to take control over Hong Kong. Though Hong Kong lies (geographically) in China, Hong Kong and China act as two complete systems. Within the […]

22 Year Old Activist Josh Wong Fears Bloodshed May Be Imminent

After 11 weeks of successful protesting tensions are beginning to flare between mainland China and Hong Kong. In this video 22 year old student activist Joshua Wong explains why bloodshed could happen soon due to […]

2 Million Hong Kong Protesters Demand Carrie Lam’s Resignation

Unlike communist mainland China, Hong Kong (Pop.7.5M) remains democratic. In a recent turn of events, 2M people voiced their opposition of their leader Carrie Lam. Since the record turnout of people (2M out of 7.5M!!) […]