US State Department Orders Chinese Consulate to Close Immediately!

With tensions already high due to a recent trade war, sanctions, and theories of how Covid-19 has spread, Chinese/US relations have recently taken another blow. Yesterday, the US announced that they would abruptly be closing down the Chinese Consulate in Houston. The decision is said to come from news that Chinese espionage has taken place with regards to energy and fintech secrets. The decision to shut down the Chinese Consulate in Houston is a strong one that has already foreshadowed repercussions. Today, the Chinese government announced that the US must immediately close down their offices located in Chengdu as retaliation of the yesterday’s decision.

While the decision of “how long” remains uncertain, both the US and China will probably continue to increase sanctions and jurisdiction under the current Trump administration. Only time will tell, but could this be a sign of a war brewing? We surely hope not!