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Crypto.com To Replace Staples Center in Historic Naming Rights Deal!

Crypto.com just made a historic move by agreeing to pay $750M over 20 years for the naming rights to replace Los Angele’s Staple Center. While LA natives and others cringe about the name replacement, the bigger […]

Tory Lanez Sells 1 Million NFT Albums Under 1 Minute (Explained)

In the new age of digital marketing and digital currency, timing is key! Last week Toronto based R&B artist Tory Lanez announced that he would be releasing the first digital album via an NFT Music […]

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Bitcoin Rallies towards 60K after Elon Musk Dumps $1.5 Billion into Bitcoin Purchase!

In recent news, Bitcoin soared to new all time highs $58,000 (Coinmarketcap.com) after Tesla CEO Elon Musk  announced that Tesla had invested at $1.5B when Bitcoin was approximately $42,000 per BTC. Though progressive CEOs like […]

Bitcoin Crushes Previous All Time High Record, $25,000 Next!

It feels like 2017 all over again. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency which once started under $0.30 back in 2009 has now reached an all time high of $23,000 two days ago. This deflationary asset has […]

Industry Money Continues to Affirm Bitcoin’s Demand In the Future

Since 2015 we’ve been discussing Bitcoin and the revolutionary utilization that this and other cryptocurrencies will have on future generations. After 5 years, the world is starting to acknowledge wide spread adoption of Bitcoin as […]

Ripple Releases New Commercial “Global Payments For All”

Ripple (XRP) has been one of the highest backed cryptocurrencies since it’s inception. The financial cross-payment system aims to connect with financial lenders (banks, loan markets, etc) to make receiving/sending payments a lot faster. Check […]