Bitcoin Rallies towards 60K after Elon Musk Dumps $1.5 Billion into Bitcoin Purchase!

In recent news, Bitcoin soared to new all time highs $58,000 ( after Tesla CEO Elon Musk  announced that Tesla had invested at $1.5B when Bitcoin was approximately $42,000 per BTC. Though progressive CEOs like Jack Dorsey and Michael Saylor have already invested in Bitcoin at earlier stages, someone like Elon Musk takes things up a few more notches.

The current market cap for cryptocurrency is now over $1.5T and will only continue to grow as more case studies, more governments, and unfortunately more disasters take place. Crypto is here to stay and the amount of industry money pouring into this space will only be a testament to this great technology! In fact, Michael Saylor has just been approved for a loan close to $600M solely to buy more of this deflationary currency (Bitcoin) which will put him at $1B worth of BTC.