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Chaz French Feat. Rich The Kid x Handful [Official Video]

For the last few years Chaz French has shown great consistency in the music industry when it comes to making hit records. His latest track “Handful” Ft. Rich The Kid is yet another example of […]

Trump Protesters Set Limo Ablaze & Destroy Starbucks Shop To Show Anti-Support Of Presidency!

Yesterday’s Inauguration marked the turning of a new leaf in America as Donald J. Trump became America’s 45th president. For obvious reasons leading up to the campaign and post the election in November, many people […]

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Washington D.C. Decriminalizes Usage of Marijuana

According to Policy Mic, the nations capital came to a unanimous decision last week to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana ( <Ounce). The effects of this new decriminalization are said to go into play this […]

Didn’t Get Your Ticket to Coachella Either Huh?

According to Billboard.com , Coachella tickets were completely SOLD OUT under 3 hours smh (shaking my head)! 3 hours?! Most of us were probably focusing on more important things to do today besides scrambling on the internet in hopes […]