Didn’t Get Your Ticket to Coachella Either Huh?

Trillectro 2013

According to Billboard.com , Coachella tickets were completely SOLD OUT under 3 hours smh (shaking my head)! 3 hours?! Most of us were probably focusing on more important things to do today besides scrambling on the internet in hopes of going to this epic music festival. Won’t lie, after hearing Outkast was going to perform I definitely thought I would have secured at least one ticket. But hey…sh!t happens! Like you, I understand that other festivals are still in the works in the later part of this year. After 2013’s music festival, I am definitely looking forward to going to Trillectro  2014 located in Washington, D.C. Last year’s line up was pretty dope, so this year I’m sure the line up will be even better. Yeaaaaaa it’s not Coachella, but there’s always next year for that. For all my hip-hop heads out there, definitely plan on visiting the nation’s capital for this epic event, Trillectro doesn’t disappoint!


Last Year's line up (2013)
Last Year’s line up (2013)