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Trump Has Not Conceded, What’s Next?

President Donald Trump has yet to concede the 2020 presidential election to projected winner Joe Biden. The Trump administration has filed many lawsuits in states that he believes cost him victory. Without much evidence it […]

Trump Announces Amy Coney Barrett For Nomination To US Supreme Court

With the recent passing of US Supreme Court associate Ruth Bader Ginsburg the nation has anxiously anticipated Trump’s newest nominee. The anticipation comes as great concern for many reasons: Supreme Court Judges are appointed for […]

US State Department Orders Chinese Consulate to Close Immediately!

With tensions already high due to a recent trade war, sanctions, and theories of how Covid-19 has spread, Chinese/US relations have recently taken another blow. Yesterday, the US announced that they would abruptly be closing […]

Trump Administered Drone Strike Kills Top Iranian Leader Qassem Soleimani

While heading to the airport, sources have confirmed that Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani was killed during a US drone strike. According to US Department reports, Soleimani is said to have been responsible for many American […]

Man Casually Climbs Over Wall At Mexican/US Border

Imagine your country wasting $150M on a 14mile wide fence that virtually doesn’t do anything as promised. This video will show viewers yet another reason why Trump’s “Build That Wall” campaign is useless and a […]

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Why Donald Trump Will Attack Jay-Z On Twitter, But Never Eminem!

“except when it comes to having the balls to go against me, you hide em!” Detroit rapper Eminem had one of the hardest BET cyphers ever performed last year. And while many will debate me […]