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First Total Solar Eclipse To Display Over The U.S. Since 1979

Since 1979 the phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse has been unseen by North Americans. This August 21st, 80’s babies through millennial born Americans will have their first chance to catch a glimpse of this […]

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2 Men Stabbed To Death, 1 Injured After Confronting Racist Man On Portland Train

As Ramadan fell on the same weekend as America’s¬†patriotic Memorial Day Weekend, racial tensions were invigorated across the country. ¬†Unfortunately, these tensions reached Portland, Oregon one of the most liberal cities in America. On May […]

Scientist Deem The Great Barrier Reef As “Terminal”

Once one of the nicest wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef now faces extinction as a result of corral bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef is a corral reef that lies in the Corral […]

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New Tool Could Predict Alien Life On Other Planets?!

Researchers from Astrobiology report that signs of life could be possible using a tool that measures atmospheric pressure when viewing two oxygen molecules or dimers. By doing so, using a telescope such as the James […]