2 Men Stabbed To Death, 1 Injured After Confronting Racist Man On Portland Train

As Ramadan fell on the same weekend as America’s patriotic Memorial Day Weekend, racial tensions were invigorated across the country.  Unfortunately, these tensions reached Portland, Oregon one of the most liberal cities in America. On May 29th, authorities were alerted to a stabbing crime scene that took place on a Portland Train.

Monday  afternoon, it was reported that Jeremy Joseph Christian (35yr) was on a public train where he yelled at two Muslim girls wearing a hijab to “Go back to Saudi Arabia…. this is my country.” After hearing this, three men intervened to de-escalate Jeremy Chistian.  Ricky John Best (53yr), an army veteran for 23 years was the first to have been stabbed to death. Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche (23yr) was a recent college graduate from Reed College who too died at the scene. A victim below shares his last moments.

The final stabbing occurred with Micah David-Cole Fletcher (21yrs) who was just leaving class at Portland State University to go to his local pizza job. Micah is currently in the hospital, but said to have non life-threatening injuries.

Via AP images

Since this incident Portland and even the president have shown growing support for the Muslim community and for the fallen victims who risked their lives to counter anger and hatred on that Portland train. Since the incident, the Muslim community and nonprofit MET has started a crowd funding platform for the “grieving families”.

With the rising incidents of racial tension growing, it should be noted that three white men stood up for the two black girls and unfortunately paid a horrible price. As African Americans we need to equally spread news of other cultures showing true signs of altruism. Our issues in this country are bigger than solely a “black versus white” ideology, however, it comes from a systemic racial platform and plan that was conjured many years upon our arrival. As shown throughout many examples in 2017, we have to support one another as humans first before politics or any social ideology.

Rest In Paradise to the victims.