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Microstrategy Buys $250M Worth of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency isĀ time sensitive. Due to the fundamental principles of most cryptocurrencies being deflationary, early investors have leverage and even less risk than investors and later adopters of popular cryptocurrencies. In recent news publicly traded Microstrategy […]

NBA, MLS, NHL, NCAA Tournament and More Suspended Due To Coronavirus

If there were groups of people who weren’t taking the coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously before, after the latest series of suspensions most people are now on high alert. Whether it’s grocery store lines, family and friends […]

Chinese Woman Risks Life To Expose Truth About Coronavirus

With global news coming in from many media sources and outlets, covering the Coronavirus its difficult for anyone to actually separate fact and fictional news. At Product of Society we are here to deliver what […]

House Committee Passes Historic Bill Legalizing Marijuana On Federal Level

  In recent news the House Committee voted unanimously (24 to 10) that a historical bill legalizing marijuana can be drafted to vote on. Though many believe this bill will pass amongst CongressĀ  (where Democrats […]