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Microsoft Introduces HoloLens Goggles for High-Definition Holograms

Microsoft unveils their futuristic HoloLens goggles that enables you to see high-definition holograms. The device aims to change what you see, how you see it and connects the digital with real worlds. Check out the video […]

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What Would Make Russell Wilson “Black Enough”?

So Russell Wilson isn’t “Black Enough” for some of his fellow black teammates according to a Bleacher Report article released Wednesday afternoon.  When this story was released, it was met with quite a bit of confusion (on […]

David Stern’s last gift to Adam Silver and the NBA owners

In 1981 Donald T. Sterling (Born Donald Tokowitz) acquired the San Diego Clippers for a meager $12.5 million.  At this time the Clippers were notoriously known for bad basketball, poorly attended games (Less than 4,400 per […]

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Musical Icons Make A Change: Tech-Based Scholarships & 20,000 Jobs for Chicago’s Youth

“General Assembly, a private New York City technical school with a specialization in computer programming and engineering, has created a new fund to redress the dearth of minority participation in the tech sphere. Nas has […]

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Microsoft Unveils ‘Office’ For Ipad

  Big news for Apple and Microsoft fans! Microsoft’s newest CEO, Satya Nadella, has announced that Microsoft Office will now be available for download for iPad users. Mercury News reports that this move could be a powerful […]

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Bill Gates: Robots Will Soon Take Your Jobs!!

In a recent interview with American Enterprise Institute, Bill Gates recently discussed the rapid growth of automated technology; stating that our government needs to prepare for the future job loss of human jobs due to the […]