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Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated

“A gunman shot and killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Monday at an art exhibition in Ankara, Russia’s foreign ministry said. Ambassador Andrey Karlov was giving a speech at the opening ceremony of a photo exhibit […]

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Meet Kevin Miller: Co-Founder of The GO Project

    Today we’re excited to showcase one of the most innovative and inspiring start-ups featured on our blog; The GO Project . Co-founded by a tenacious young man by the name of Kevin Miller, The GO […]

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CNN Money: Top Countries For Billionaires

CNN Money has recently compiled some pretty informative data listing top countries who have the most billionaires (1-15). Check out the pictures below to see where your respective country stands! By viewing countries with the […]

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Breaking: More Than 200 Miners Trapped in Turkey

According to AP News, more than 200 miners have been trapped in a coal mine in western Turkey due to an explosion. So far 20 people have been rescued, however, one of the 20 person has died. […]

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Turkey Bans Twitter, Becomes First Country To Ban Google DNS!

  In an attempt to cover up corruption and unlawful actions of the Turkish government, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has banned Twitter by shutting down the social media site’s access in Turkey. Immediately upon hearing this […]