Turkey Bans Twitter, Becomes First Country To Ban Google DNS!

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(Turkey’s Prime Minister: Tayyip Erdogan )


In an attempt to cover up corruption and unlawful actions of the Turkish government, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has banned Twitter by shutting down the social media site’s access in Turkey. Immediately upon hearing this information a few days ago, Turkey’s twitter usage went up 138% according to Arstechnica. Twitter was accessible by using alternative Domain Name Services (DNS), one of them being Google. Shortly after the government got word of alternative methods of using Twitter, they ultimately ended up blocking all alternative IP addresses linking Turkish users to Twitter and Google’s DNS. This action made Turkey the first country EVER to ban Google’s DNS!

(A Once Successful Alternative DNS To Access Twitter Was Sprayed For the Public)


[Today’s Zaman Excerpt]

 “This is a first in the world, he noted, referring to the blocking of Google DNS servers. He said shutting down Twitter as it has been done is illegal according to the current laws. “Blocking access to an entire website is against the law and it is a major blow to freedom of expression. The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has punished our country in the past for similar practices.” -Fehmi Ünsal Özmestik (information technologies (IT) lawyer)

What do you think about the Turkish government’s actions? Doesn’t this type of democracy only prove that Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan is guilty of corruption? We’ll keep you updated on the repercussions of Erdogan’s actions.