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“Documenting Hate: New American Nazis” | FRONTLINE [Full Documentary]

“In this 2018 documentary, FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate a neo-Nazi group that has actively recruited inside the U.S. military.  FRONTLINE and ProPublica present an investigation into white supremacist groups in America – in particular, the […]

Trump Administered Drone Strike Kills Top Iranian Leader Qassem Soleimani

While heading to the airport, sources have confirmed that Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani was killed during a US drone strike. According to US Department reports, Soleimani is said to have been responsible for many American […]

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58 Palestinians Dead, 2700 Palestinians Injured In Gaza Strip Massacre

“Big day for Israel. Congratulations”, were the words tweeted by Trump before one of the biggest massacres in the Gaza Strip since 2014. Israel was said to have injured 2700 and killed 58 Palestinians by […]

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Germany Welcomes 8,000 Syrian Refugees

In hopes of dodging repercussions of the Syrian war, many families have traveled for weeks in hopes of being able to successfully migrate to European nations. Since 2011, approximately 4 million Syrians have been forced out […]