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Crypto.com To Replace Staples Center in Historic Naming Rights Deal!

Crypto.com just made a historic move by agreeing to pay $750M over 20 years for the naming rights to replace Los Angele’s Staple Center. While LA natives and others cringe about the name replacement, the bigger […]

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Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion

In the latest strategic move for the telecommunications giant, Verizon recently agreed to acquire Yahoo’s database for $4.8 Billion. This is a major follow up pending the acquisition of AOL back in 2015 for $4.4 […]

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Spy Agency Intercepted Millions of Web Cam Images!

When it comes to technology, literally no one is safe! In recent news a spy agency in Britain, GCHQ, is currently facing a fury of allegations over the millions of web cam images the spy agency […]