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P.O.S. Classifieds: Kara [Houston, TX]

Today, we have the pleasure of bringing you a very fashionable young lady from Houston, TX. Kara Smith, a graduate from Howard University in Merchandising, has always invested her time into fashion since a young […]

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P.O.S. Classifieds: George [Houston, TX]

This week, Product of Society has the pleasure of gracing fashion enthusiasts with a stylish gent hailing from Houston, Texas. George Madjitey Jr. is currently a Biology major/Business minor at Texas Christian University. Post his […]

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P.O.S. Classifieds: Morgan [Brooklyn, NY]

[Today P.O.S. brings you New York model: Morgan Reid] ¬†Currently working as a full-time model in the Big Apple; Morgan currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. For our fellow fashion viewers, Morgan has provided a […]