P.O.S. Classifieds: George [Houston, TX]

This week, Product of Society has the pleasure of gracing fashion enthusiasts with a stylish gent hailing from Houston, Texas. George Madjitey Jr. is currently a Biology major/Business minor at Texas Christian University. Post his TCU degree, George plans on pursuing a career in medicine. Check out what style means to him and how he’s become influenced by various styles based on his experience of travel. Moreover, learn how George incorporates different styles to correlate with his aspirations of pursuing medicine and influencing others.
“One misconception about me is that I’m considered a fashionable person. I don’t find that to be true at all. To me, fashion is knowing what is hot, when it’s hot. If anything I consider myself, stylish. I see what I like and put it together in ways I think fit. Personally, I consider my style an extension of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am bound to go. I’m Texas born and raised with parents from Ghana, West Africa. I also travel quite a bit so I think that’s had quite the influence on my style. Too often, I find people discount how much a difference what you’re wearing can influence an individuals outlook on yourself. You can walk into a room of 100 people, only speak to 50, but still make an impression on the whole room just based on what you have on. I also like the fact clothes allow you to stand out or blend in, however you see fit. I can throw on a pair of Sperry Topsiders and a button down and look like your average frat boy or lace up a pair of Timberlands like an urbanite. As far as my aspirations go, I have a desire to be a practicing  physician in the near future. However, I’m also currently working on a business related project tied to healthcare development in Sub-Saharan Africa. I guess much like my sense of style, I see no limits with my aspirations.” – George M.

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Jacket xRalph Lauren Rugby
Pants x Ralph Lauren Corduroy
Shoes xRandom Unknown Brand

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Sunglasses x Louis Vuitton Evidence
Jacket x Retro Starter Chicago Bulls Jacket
Shoes x Buscemi 100MM Guts

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Shirt x Zara
Belt x Hermes CDC
Shoes x Giuseppe Zannot

photo 5

Shirt x Ralph Lauren
Shorts x Chubbies Shorts
Shoes x Ralph Lauren Collis Slipper
Sunglasses x Ralph Lauren Purple Label Keyhole

photo 1

Duffle x Louis Vuitton
Briefcase x MCM
Shirt/Shorts x Black Market Philo Hockey Jersey