Father Sentenced To Jail For Paying Too Much Child Support!


In the 310th District Court, Judge Lisa Millard sentenced Houstonian, Clifford Hall , to 180 days in jail (6 months) for overpaying too much child support for his 11 year old son. Up until November 2013, Clifford Hall was to have paid all outstanding child support fees in full amount. Likewise, he did. According to, Fox 26 Houston within  November 2013 and January of 2014, contractual child support changes were made by Hall’s ex-wife (the mother of Hall’s son). As a result of this, Clifford was “unknowingly” paying in a larger amount different from the previous contractual agreement. Judge Lisa Millard, who had the power to logically have dismissed this unorthodox case, sentenced Clifford Hall to 180 Days in jail. She also granted that Clifford Hall pay his ex-wife’s attorney fees of  $3000!

F*ckin crazy smh! ( excuse my french, but that’s really how I feel)

“the laws are made to protect those who made it”….How are you going to change it?