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SANMAN COMPANY Presents x Fōdō #2 [11.20.2020]

Located East downtown in the city of Houston lies the awe-inspiring Sanman Studios. What makes this studio so dynamic is not only the location nor the aesthetic beauty, but the creative minds behind its inception. […]

Kendrick Lamar Releases Visual Mission Statement For pgLang

Kendrick Lamar recently posted a series of enigmatic images pointing to his latest venture, a media service company called pgLang. On the website a visual mission statement was presented featuring Baby Keem, Yara Shahdi, and […]

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Brazilian artists Tony Parana,  Ibraim nascimento & his work “St. Sebastian” Last week SANMAN hosted it’s fourth exhibition for local creatives and entrepreneurs to showcase their artwork and merchandise. The event was held at SANMAN’s […]

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SANMAN x Brunch & Screw

What once  was deemed an “underground” sound of Texas; has now expanded  globally at a very impressive rate. The enigmatic style of chopping & screwing  technique was created within the last three decades. However, current rap songs and […]

Man Takes Two Years To Build World’s Largest K’nex Machine

“This machine currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest K’nex ball machine. It contains over 126,000 pieces, 10 lifts, 14 motors, and over 1000 feet of track. It features a 40 foot long […]