NBA’s Nickname Jersey

2 days ago the NBA displayed the new “nickname” jerseys. The first teams to rock these jerseys were the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets. Miami was missing a few of their key components (Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, and Dwayne Wade) in their matchup against Brooklyn. In result, along with Lebron James fouling out for the first time since 2008, Miami walked away with the loss. Lebron James finished with 36 points and continued to show why he has earned the nickname “King James”, while Ray Allen failed to show us the Jesus Shuttlesworth we all know from Spike Lee’s “He Got Game”. Check out it out!

nba nickname heat

nba nickname bk


Here is the full roster and nicknames for both teams:

Miami Heat

#1, Chris Bosh — CB

#3, Dwyane Wade — D. Wade

#6, LeBron James — King James

#8, Michael Beasley — B Easy

#9, Rashard Lewis — Sweet Lew

#11, Chris Andersen — Birdman

#15, Mario Chalmers — Rio

#20, Greg Oden — G.O.

#21, Roger Mason, Jr. — Moneymase

#22, James Jones — JJ

#30, Norris Cole — Cole Train

#31, Shane Battier — Battle

#34, Ray Allen — J. Shuttlesworth

#40, Udonis Haslem — UD

#50, Joel Anthony — Doc

Brooklyn Nets

#1, Mason Plumlee — Plums

#2, Kevin Garnett — The Big Ticket

#7, Joe Johnson — JJ

#8, Deron Williams — D-Will

#11, Brook Lopez — Brooklyn

#30, Reggie Evans — Joker

#31, Jason Terry — Jet

#34, Paul Pierce — Truth

#47, Andrei Kirilenko — Кириленко