Neiman Marcus Customers HACKED!


Weeks after discovering the security breach of over 70 million Target customers, this week we find the high-end  luxury store, Neiman Marcus, undergoing the same set of unfortunate events. According to ,  the company was alerted of the various breaching by an increase in fraudulent debit and credit cards  linked to customers who had recently shopped at their local Neiman Marcus store. While experts are unaware if the security breaches are linked, many American’s have decreased their shopping at local retail stores. An increase of security breaches have risen since November 2013. Unfortunately, as technology is expanding average consumer knowledge of technology is decreasing. As a result, many people have been the victims of credit card theft and consumer breaches. Likewise,  next time you’re thinking about swiping your debit or credit card, understand that your data is not as secure as you would like to believe. Yea it may be a hassle, but something as simple as writing a check can make a world of a difference in this new hacking age!