College Education: Preperation or Robbery?

pos2Money can be so powerful that a collective number of educated academicians have forgotten the impact and influence of their careers. The University of Carolina at Chappel Hill academic counselor Mary Willingham, claims rates as high as sixty percent of student athletes – specifically football and basketball read at levels between fourth and eighth grade. It is unfortunate to say UNC is not alone, there are more than thirty public universities that have similar reports. It is evident that universities make money off of its students and yet tuition and fees increase annually, professors specify to “newest edition” of textbook, pay for parking, etc. Society expects us as young adults to invest in our education, but equates a teacher’s salary with that of a full-time sales associate in retail. Essentially, as a college student working full-time at the Nike store making $10/hour is somehow only a couple thousands less than a teacher. So how can adults continue to persuade these young minds to attend and graduate from college? My point is…do not preach, preach, preach, and not only fail, but cheat me!

– Deshawn Scott