How Do You Define Thug?

Seems to be the question of the day. Don Lemon of CNN asks Houston rapper Slim Thug after minor controversy via twitter. As a result from “thug cycle,” term referenced to the toddler who was being taught profanity, sexual language and neighborhood distinctions. When ask, Slim Thug defends thugs as coming from “nothing to something” not as “shooting, robbery, drugs etc.” But rather he claims it equates to being successful, however if we listen to his music it would suggest otherwise. So how do you define thug?  A successful individual or the criminals on TV? When you hear the word are you immediately thinking of Tupac with the “Thug Life” tattoo on his stomach? Or do you quickly think of Drake? To give Slim Thug credit he does make a valid point. If what a person hears through music influence one’s life decisions / and behaviors then the parents are to blame. Who is to blame for “thug cycle” and what is it?