‘Tinder’ Gone Wrong For Kindergarten Teacher!

TINDER1A popular “match making” app has been growing increasingly popular since it’s birth in 2012. Tinder, an app that people can create through verification of a Facebook profile, communicates users of the same area (mile radius) to allow users to message each other. However, there’s a twist. The only way two users can message each other is if each user previously  “likes” the opposed profile. In other words, you’re only going to be able to message a girl who likes your profile or vice versa. Obviously, the sky is the limit when it comes to messaging other users as long as users are “liking” your profile as well. Major cities usually generate more users because of it’s larger population. However, any place within a 50 mile radius will serve any Tinder user to it’s advantage.


Although, social apps have been known for their match making abilities, they have also proven to be the quickest way to LOSE your job, if one is not careful.

For example, in recent news, a kindergarten teacher named Ms. Carnley is in the latest news of how to NOT use your Tinder app. The kindergarten teacher apparently forgot to update her profile pic because users saw more than just selfies of Ms. Carnley., they also saw her kindergarten class.

While this was obviously pretty embarrassing for Ms. Carnley, it also allowed fellow users (strangers) to view minor kids on a social app. According to BusinessInsider.com , Ms. Carnley has since deleted her account. Her job as a teacher is unknown at this time as well. Regardless, this article was to show the growing number of users who can easily get caught up within this fast technologically advanced era. Be wary when using these social apps. They are great to use when you fully understand how to use them. However, they can lead to many problems if one is not careful.

People who also made a mistake on a social network (shown below).

State Rep., Anthony Weiner (NY), sends tweet to mistress instead of Direct Messaging her.
Arizona Cardinal’s Defensive End, Darnell Dockett tweets Aj McCarron’s girlfriend during the 2013 BCS championship #DMsgonewrong