ASU Fraternity Suspended For Throwing “Racist” MLK Party

asuArizona State University has notified Tau Kappa Epsilon that their recognition as a fraternity chapter has been permanently revoked after their demeaning MLK day celebration. This MLK party consisted of watermelon cups, baggy clothes, basketball jersey, guest throwing up gang signs, and many more disturbing acts. Back in 2012, Tau Kappa Epsilon was placed on probation and then suspended for hosting a party (Jan.19) depicting racial stereotypes. This also brought a lot of criticism, but was dismissed because Tau Kappa Epsilon explained that they do not condone any racist or descriminatory behaviour. Apparently that was not true, considering the fraternity has thrown a racial stereotypical party once again.

asu3Notice how some of the hashtags says “black party” or “celebrating”. MLK day should never be celebrated and/or used as a costume party to dress up like “stereotypical black males”. That was not Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream and this fraternity has definitely made a mockery out of his day.

asu2The university is still in the process of disciplining the individual students involved.