Saturday Hangoverzzz…

Anyone who regularly consumes alcoholic beverages knows that Friday night is THEE pivotal start of one’s weekend. Likewise, after a long night of drinking Long Islands, Jäger Bombs, and downing a case of brews, Saturday mornings can be pretty rough if you are not well prepared to combat one of the worst feelings known to man; the hangover.


plural noun: hangovers
a severe headache or other after effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol.
Head throbbing. Stomach aching. Mentioning something along the line of ” I swear I will never drink again”. Blurred vision (temporarily).
If any of those symptoms match how you are currently feeling; you my friend, have a hangover. AND IT’S OK!
It’s OK to have a hangover because I understand what a long week it has been. I understand that going out with friends can lead to epic nights, and usually epic nights = binge drinking.  It happens, I get it. What I want you to work on, however, is your Saturday recovery. Why? The weekend isn’t over!
When combating a slight to major hangover first things first:
Drink plenty of liquids: Water, Gatorade, v8 Splash
Second, you have to eat!:
Eggs, Fruit (Bananas & Apples especially), Biscuits, Dry- Cereal
Third, you can never get too much rest, when dealing with a hangover:
Unless you have prior demands to tend to that day, take a hot shower and GO BACK TO SLEEP!
4239229756_e1234ba3beWhile taking an Advil and throwing on some all black wayfarers may help some people get over their hangovers, I prefer the more natural route. Hangover remedies different from person to person so some, not all, methods may be of some help. Regardless, find whatever remedy works best for you so you can have another epic night, post-recovery!