Common Scents

article-2311761-00BE3DCA00000578-124_634x925It’s easy for one to solely focus on weather oriented fashion tips during this gruesome winter. While many people are worried about which jacket will keep them warm or what boots would be fashionably acceptable, there are some fashionable people that see the bigger picture. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you smell. Obviously this isn’t an excuse to dress like a bum, I’m simply saying one should pay attention to their aroma just as much as they do their wardrobe.

According to New York Times’ The Nose, An Emotional Time Machine, a scent creates a direct message, via nose receptors, to the brain that can be strong enough to produce a memory.

the olfactory cortex is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored.”

Likewise, the aforementioned statement can be applied to males when viewing the importance of selecting quality colognes.

On a typical college day, it isn’t uncommon to meet a various amount of female peers who usually greet via a “friendly” hug. Likewise, it’s important for one to make sure they leave a positive imprint (memory) on the people they encounter by smelling appropriate. When selecting colognes one should usually consider the following:

  • personal approval of the scent
  • uniqueness of the cologne being purchased
  • cost
  • ratings of cologne from female audience

Out of the above mentioned, I believe uniqueness and female audience are the most important factors. While there are many colognes that smell good, one should always take into account how many other dudes might be wearing the same fragrance. The last thing you should want for a female to believe is that your cologne is synonymous to that of an axe-spray bottle. As for a female audience, what better experts can you get?! The web is full of cologne reviews. Much of which have been written by thoughtful girlfriends and wives.


Take a look at some of the reviews on of the popular cologne, Yve’s Saint Laurent de L’homme.

yves st

This cologne is definitely a fitting scent for morning through evening events because the scent is very light, yet versatile. While it is not an overbearing cologne that can quickly be detected , it is very noticeable when someone comes in contact with it.

Shown below are a few more colognes I would recommend. Sorry, I’m not going to disclose all of my favorite ones until I find something new!

Givenchy Pi-Neo Cologne
Jean Paul Gaultier
D and G Light Blue