Lil Bibby x Unlike You

Screen-shot-2013-04-29-at-1.45.22-PM-411x380Though this track is from Lil Bibby’s 2013 mixtape Free Crack, I usually find myself playing this track whenever I stay up to write or read. The Chicago native adds a unique twist to the production of this track by adding a backdrop sample from Kate Havnevik’s – Unlike Me. It’s kind of interesting to hear this song because both Lil Bibby and Kate Havnevik songs carry a “dark” motif behind their respective songs, however, they are portrayed through different genres. Obviously, Lil Bibby’s- Unlike You is a little bit more vulgar, but it makes sense if one sees the bigger picture.


Time is everything. And whether time is portrayed as a facade via Kate Havnevik, or an entity that does not need to be wasted via Lil Bibby, one can conclude that ‘time’ is valuable. So while half of America wants to be tucked away in their beds, just know I’m working. Yes it’s true, I’ll much rather chase my dreams, then catch some Z’s.

Enjoy the song.