Push-Up To Perk Up

pushupPush-ups are a great addition to any workout because of the fact that you are using body weight with gradual resistance which will strengthen and tone your upper body. There is not just one type of push-up, but many! Each different type of push-up works different muscles in your upper body. Form is everything, and I see so many individuals at the gym who do not know the proper form of a push-up. You should never EVER arch your back because no only is that bad for you back, but you won’t be stabilizing your core meaning you are NOT working your abs. A true pus-hup will work your upper body AND your abs. Now the reason I say Push-up to perk up is because ladies, you don’t want saggy breasts do you? Of course not. Doing different variations of push-ups will actually perk up your breasts by strengthening the muscles behind them. No need for a surgical lift! Watch my tutorial to learn a few of the many different variations of push-ups! When you try these at home, remember to keep your bottom down, abs tight, back and head straight!

T. Medina